Sunday, 29 November 2015

Essex Police on Twitter the last 30 days

PC Alan Conran (top left) with PC Paul
on twitter 29 Nov 15
On every compose a tweet area, Twitter asks you one question: What's Happening? 

From the 100 or so twitter accounts, I've created a data set using Topsy looking at replies to (or name mentions) and then how many tweets made by each account user (retweets are ignored by Topsy, kinda fair enough as a RT is hardly a typed reply).

My theory being, are there maybe a dozen accounts that are ones to watch - on a few officers that are actively engaging with the public they serve. I'm delighted to report there are..

In my view there are 103 officer style accounts and then the main @essexpoliceuk which is not part of this study (as a not a person).

In total, there were 11,392 mentions and 4,240 tweets made from those 100+ accounts. Of course with shift patterns, operations etc this is a tiny snapshot.

The real question being, with a bit of thought and planning, can twitter (or any other tool deliver a true answer to What's happening Right Now, in Realtime with Essex Police?

The Results PC Alan Conran tops both lists this month. He, as @PcAlanConran was mentioned 508 times and  in the last 30 days and made 423 tweets (part of that, 309 tweets in 8 days).

There are two charts showing a dozen accounts from mentions/replies to and fourteen accounts tweets from.

To collate #essexpolicelive as part of the newly formed Digital Community, we can only report what we see. 

Every officer (and Essex Citizen) can have a fully functional media station in there pocket. It may look like a Smart Phone or a Tablet - but it's so much more than that..

Our aim here - support, encourage and enhance every officer who wants to tell their story. And make it really, like really easy to follow that story.

Of course I have a full data set - you can have a look by request (the link is out with a few people). The point of this post,to celebrate those who have told a story (all a beta and work in progress).

Using twitter for Police should be fast, fun and fascinating - and that means everyone making the tweets, photos and videos and those who are reading and watching.

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