Thursday, 28 January 2016

Name change as epLdc evolves into the long term

This project started three months ago in response to how Essex Police was changing and how that may effect the people in Essex.

From today, I've dropped the words Essex Police and Live from the website and twitter name to focus on the five core elements and called everything epLdc.

I've carefully chosen a neutral banner - in this an almost clear sky and a tranquil still water that reminds me of sitting on a river bank while contemplating the world. A few year's ago I called this Blue Sky Thinking ..  

That means now becomes - it was also not really the intention to ever be on twitter, that was an extension of where active social officers live - tweeting from mobile on the move.

I'm also looking for more freedom to post about wider issues in the community and how an Analogue something progresses to Digital everything.

Like everyone in Essex, I was hoping for much better job news concerning PCSOs. In my view, twitter is the perfect place to get a fast message out to a community. 

Yet, with a reduction in PCSOs from 250 to 90 meaning a loss of 160 jobs, we're all in some holding pattern until April 2016.

As of today, 22 of the 108 Essex Police Twitter accounts are PCSOs that's 20%. They tweet fantastically  -  with Brentwood having two awesome accounts: @PCSOMatGrimwood and @PCSOSarahRaison (both with over a 1,000 followers).

From my other work with UK and Toronto Police, I've helped a lot with Live Video - yet in Essex I've heard nothing at all about any interest to hold local community meetings on video and reach a wider audience (of course while still having the public welcome in the room). The best example is the last Essex Police Challenge (12 Nov 15), but that only happens once a quarter.

In Summing up, there's a lot of social game play going on. And that's why I'm taking the long view to get to the bottom of it all. 

One example is how people and Orgs still do the face to face meeting - when in reality it's just not that efficient. The Internet and group video calling makes that so fast and easy. 

And I've said a thousand times how in 2016 is even easier than before to make this happen, often using just a mobile. 

I see my role in this like an archeologist scratching away at something the size of a thumbnail I found in the dirt - not knowing if a few bones may lead to a tyrannosaurus rex. And that's just the challenge..  

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