Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year's Twitter Follower Survey for 104 accounts

From the 104 Essex Police twitter accounts, 20 of them have more than 1,000 followers and 8 of them have more followers than the Chief Constable (1,560).

I'm sure the Chief and Deputy Chief would de delighted to see all accounts have thousands of followers..

There are another 5 accounts that will get to 1,000 very soon. One shoutout to @DIRobHuddleston who sneaked past a thousand on or abouts Christmas Day Those five to follow are:

Slide on the right right is classic long tail where six accounts have over 2,000 followers.

Where the sort from oldest to newest reveals four accounts that stand out: DCC Matthew Horne, EP Rural Specials, PC Alan Conran and Insp Nick Eliot.

I will do another follower check in four weeks time, look out for that (1 Feb16).

Of course, the follower number on it's own does not say anything at all about the age of the account, how many tweets are made, what those tweets contain ie text, photo or a video etc or even how interesting or chatty the account holder is.

What I like is how the twitter sphere rallies around and supports each other. A great example, when EPMarine was getting close to a thousand a few weeks ago (16 Dec 15).

There is one account that could really help, and help a lot - the main Essex Police UK twitter account.

With over 116,000 followers, a name mention tweet could mean instantly letting people know these other accounts exist. That must be a good idea?

After all, being on twitter is nothing more than saying, Hey, I'm here in public sharing updates and information mixed in with some chat and the odd light hearted observation - as well as supporting the public and each other.

Name and Twitterfollowers 4 jan 16
Leigh Norris @EssexChiefInsp5682
Essex Roads Policing @EPAdamPipe4241
Richard Thomas @InspRThomas2990
Simon Phillips @PcSiPhillips2718
J├╝rgen Reid @PcJurgenReid2672
Lou Middleton @SgtLouMiddleton2137
Lee Devall @InspLeeDevall1707
Andy Long @PcAndyLong1625
Stephen Kavanagh @CCEssexPolice1560
Paul Nicholls @PcPaulNicholls1497
Dave Hawtin @PcDaveHawtin1397
Paul Austin @SgtPaulAustin1220
Matthew Horne @DCCmatthewhorne1173
Brad Dickel @InspBradDickel1171
Essex Police Marine @EPMarine1151
Matthew Grimwood @PCSOMatGrimwood1137
Tony Mayo @PcTonyMayo1080
EPRuralSpecials @EPRuralSpecials1058
Leon Dias @COLeonDias1052
Rob Huddleston @DIRobHuddleston1011
Insp Julia Finch @InspJuliaFinch967
PCSO Sarah Raison @PCSOSarahRaison960
Dan Heard @PcDanHeard951
Krystina Booth @SpSgtBooth935
Alan Conran @PcAlanConran928

Data sheet opens in separate window.

If you need to get a message out, then it's essential to have as many followers as you can. Every account is different, but I would argue an account with 1,000 followers would get a message read by 1%

As just one example, this tweet from PC Alan Conran (of a burning car) had 10 retweets and 10 likes. PC Conran has 934 followers. Do the math we have 10/934 = 1.07%.

However that's just one in a million examples. This popular tweet from CI Simon Anslow had 55 retweets and 34 likes (that's 45/586 = 7.7%) which is a great result.

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